Automate Xcode build

21 March, 2015

there’s a simple way to build your Xcode project from command line:


assume your project test.xcodeproj has two targets: testing and release.

Building the release target is simple:

xcodebuild -project test.xcodeproj -configuration release -target release 

Once Xcode has finished building you’ll find your .ipa in the directory


Creating a more secure Raspberry PI

19 January, 2015

Having a PI connected is better with a openSSL server…

Solar jet fuel has been created for the first time

3 May, 2014

Solar jet fuel has been created for the first time

A Sci-Fy dream coming true…

Use Synology as git server from xcode

26 April, 2014

if you have a Synology Nas ( you can use it for a private local git repository.

I found a very useful tutorial here.

Fix Maverikcs “One or more items in… can’t be changed because they are in use” error

12 April, 2014

If you’re getting  “One or more items in… can’t be changed because they are in use” error copying from external disk here the easy fix: 

launch terminal and use the following command:

xattr -d <filename>


xattr -d Kitesurf-Mavericks.mp4



Configure Rasberry PI SSL for free

26 March, 2014

First step: create your own certification authority private key:

openssl genrsa -out myPersonalCA.key 2048

Second step: create your own certification authority:

openssl req -x509 -new -key myPersonalCA.key -out myPersonalCA.cer -days 730

Now you can sign certificates.
With this certificate, let’s proceed to generate our SSL certificate.


Third step: create your own SSL private key:

openssl genrsa -out myCertificate.key 2048


Fourth step: create the personal SSL request:

openssl req -new -out myCertificate.req -key myCertificate.key

Fifth step: create the personal SSL certificate

openssl x509 -req -in myCertificate.req -out myCertificate.cer -CAkey myPersonalCA.key

-CA myPersonalCA.cer -days 365 -CAcreateserial -CAserial serial


the output file myCertificate.cer and myCertificate.key should be used in your apache configuration.



Reverse Engineering the Estimote

29 January, 2014

An interesting reading


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