Google Android SDK Released!!!

12 November, 2007

Google just released an early release SDK of the its upcoming mobile software.

More info on Google Code.

Ottenere il rimborso del prezzo di Windows

25 October, 2007

Nel resto del mondo è gia possibile: comprare un pc per installare un sistema operativo diverso da Windows: Linux, Ubuntu e similia.

Ora anche in Italia, una sentenza accoglie questa richiesta e rende possibile chiedere il rimborso del costo del sistema operativo, nel nostro caso circa 140€.

Leggere l’articolo su Appunti Digitali.

HP printers modding

18 October, 2007

This post is very very funny.
It explains how to mod your HP printer changing its messages…

read more here.

Hybrid images

12 October, 2007

What did you see in this images ?

This kind of images is called Hybrid images.
More details can be found here.

A BIG list of open source programs

23 September, 2007 has published a very long list of open source programs.

If you are looking for a specific application, maybe you can find it here, and for free…

Lina Released!

19 September, 2007

Lina Software released the source code for LINA under the GPL v2. LINA enables Linux binaries to run with native look and feel on Windows, Mac, and Linux, without recompiling. This release, along with the launch of our community website,, invites developers around the world to participate in the growth of this important technology.

read more | digg story

Track yourself

28 August, 2007

One of the interesting software you can install on Nokia N95 is Nokia Sport Tracker.
One GPS is tuned on, the program track you movements, and later you can download them into google earth.

But, if you don’t want to buy a Nokia N95, you can buy a less expensive trackstick II.
It’s a simple USB key with an integrated GPS.
It will track your movements and store them into the builtin storage.
Later you can connect the stick to your PC/Mac and open Google earth to see them.


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