Fix Lion slow TimeMachine backups

After upgrading to Lion, my TimeMachine Backups takes FOREVER to complete.

after 2 days of googling, I discover the solution:

  1. Be sure to disable TimeMachine using System Preferences
  2. Mount TimeMachine disk
  3. Launch a terminal and go to the TimeMachine Disk
  4. now rm -r .Spotlight-V100
  5. Now go to the Startup Disk
  6. rm -r .Spotlight-V100
  7. At this point restart your Mac


2 Responses to Fix Lion slow TimeMachine backups

  1. nortexoid says:

    I tried this and it didn’t work. All it does is delete the spotlight indexing database so everything has to be reindexed. After reindexing, it’s still taking forever to backup.

    The next thing I’ll try is a full wipe of the time machine drive and start from scratch. This is crazy.

    • Mauro says:

      The very first time, spotlight will re-index all the files in your mac.
      after indexing is completed, start time machine and wait… wait…
      the very next backup, will be really fast.
      at least, it worked for me.

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