iPhone: the hacking kit has been released!!!


For those lucky the own a iPhone, there’s a very good news:
A complete guide for hacking your brand new gadget!!!

More details and a step-by-step guide here.


Installing OSX Drivers without rebooting

A step by step guide about a way to installing Os X drivers without rebooting:

1. Download the driver you want to install, for example <ExtensioneName>
2. Extract the contents onto the desktop
3. Open the Terminal application in the Applications/Utilities folder
4. Type “tail -f /var/log/system.log” to obtain debugging output for the first run.
5. Use the menu bar to open up a new Terminal window.
6. In this new window, type “cd ~/Desktop/<YourSoftwareName>/build/Release”
7. sudo chown -R root:wheel <ExtensioneName>.kext
8. sudo chmod -R 755 <ExtensioneName>.kext
9. sudo kextload -v <ExtensioneName>.kext
10. Observe in the log window what happens.
11. Test out the driver by using it…
12. If there were any problems in steps 10 or 11, type “sudo kextunload <ExtensioneName>.kext”
13. To install the driver, type “sudo cp -R <ExtensioneName>.kext /System/Library/Extensions”
14. Lastly, update the extensions cache with “sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions”
The old way needs to delete “Extensions.kextcache” and “Extensions.mkext”, located in “/System/Library/” and then enter the following commands:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions
sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions
Atfer these commands you have to repair disk file permissions with Disk Utilities and reboot.

Much better the new way!!