Configurare l’IP pubblico con Fastweb e l’AirPort Extreme

la configurazione non è delle più semplici ma vediamo come fare:
Andare su questa pagina: e scegliere configura router.

Premere “Modifica” e poi “Configurazione Manuale”.

A questo punto aggiugere il servizio inserendo la porta come in questo esempio:


per il server web, ad esempio  inserire questi valori


A questo punto bisogna configurare l’airport extreme, inserendo l’indirizzo IP
del server da esporre su internet, in questo caso


premere ora su port mappings e configurare le porte in questo modo:


Riavviare l’airport e a questo punto il vostro server sarà visibile su internet.


Fix Lion slow TimeMachine backups

After upgrading to Lion, my TimeMachine Backups takes FOREVER to complete.

after 2 days of googling, I discover the solution:

  1. Be sure to disable TimeMachine using System Preferences
  2. Mount TimeMachine disk
  3. Launch a terminal and go to the TimeMachine Disk
  4. now rm -r .Spotlight-V100
  5. Now go to the Startup Disk
  6. rm -r .Spotlight-V100
  7. At this point restart your Mac


Oregon Scientific RMS300 and OSX

RMS 300 and OSX


This Data Station transmits internal and external data (Temperature and Humidity) using USB.
Oregon will provide Windows software only, but you can find a fans port here on github:
RMS 300 was not working.
I managed to modify some classes to make it with RMS 300.
You’ll find my code at github asap…

About iPhone application crack

It’s a long time, since my first iPhone application is available on the AppStore.

Checking the sales reports and application usage, I see that there’s a BIG difference:
There are more request then AppStore sells.

The Reason: pirated apps.

I do not work to discuss the needs to crack an application with a price of 2$, is just a coffee at the morning…, but I found depressing just thinking of it.

What is really interesting is the point that the iPhone SDK do NOT allow Developers to check if the application has been modified.
I think Apple is fully aware of the problem, the it looks like they don’t care.

Just to have an idea of how simple is to crack an iPhone application, read how to do it at the following link; the interesting part is the cracking script….

Learning iPhone UI application

I don’t like to use Interface Builder for creating a UI prototype for my apps.
I prefer the old way: draw it on paper and then implement the code.

It takes a lot of time, needs a lot of fixing and every major modification of the UI takes a huge amount of energy.

I just read an interesting post on Cocoa with Love, and I discover an interesting tool to make my life easier:
Now I can create my UI with IB, and the tool will convert it to a .m file.

The tool is called nib2objc and it can be found on Github. Github, is a site that allows developers to share their code with the rest of the world. Another great site!!

The link for nib2objc is here, and don’t forget to thanks its author kosmaczewski

Happy coding!!