iWind Italia

iWind Italia

the iPhone wind forecast application for Italy


This iPhone application is designed for users that needs information about wind forecasts.
It allows to verify forecast of available spots in Italy, and check their forecasts.

The application will show forecasts up to three days.

To minimize internet traffic, the application will download the forecast for the spots you have chosen only at the very first start of each day.
You will see them all day without having to connect every time.

primary1 This is the forecast screen.Forecast will be shown with the following information:

  • time
  • wind direction
  • wind speeds, in knots
  • clouds coverage
  • Rain probability
  • Humidity
  • Pressure

along with temperature, sun, precipitation,pressure and humidity.

Sliding the screen to left will show you forecasts for the followind day.

webadd Once the location has been selected between those available, it will be shown an alert to confirm its choice.If the user confirms, the chosen locations will be added to the list of preferred.
weblist When browsing between locations, the application will show a checkmark to inform you that this location has been already selected.

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