Dual Call

Dual Call is free and is available on AppStore



Dual Call is a simply but powerful dialing application.

Some mobile operators allows business users to make personal calls adding a prefix to the number.
For example if your family number is 555-111-222, to call it you have to modify the number in 484-555-111-2222.
It will takes a lot of time to modify the address book.

prefs2Duall call solves the problem for you:

select an entry from the address book and you are able to choose between personal and work calls: no modification, no more hassle.

The only thing you have to do, is enter your international country code and the prefix required for personal call.

without these two numbers the app will not be able to create the correct number for personal calls.
prefsAfter that, is just a matter of pushing a button.

Select the name from the address book, the application will show you a list of all numbers that belongs to the contact.

For each number there will be two buttons, just press one of them according to the type of call you want to make.

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