Oregon Scientific RMS300 and OSX

RMS 300 and OSX


This Data Station transmits internal and external data (Temperature and Humidity) using USB.
Oregon will provide Windows software only, but you can find a fans port here on github:
RMS 300 was not working.
I managed to modify some classes to make it with RMS 300.
You’ll find my code at github asap…

Revolutionary air car runs on compressed air

A French company has developed a pollution-free car which runs on compressed air. India’s Tata Motors has the car under production and it may be on sale in Europe and India by the end of the year. The air car can be refueled in minutes from an air compressor and can go 200 km on a 1.5 euro fill-up — roughly 125 miles for $3.
That’s a very revolution that will allows us to free from oil!!

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