Fix iPhone Simulator’s missing Photo db

It happens: for same mysterious reason your iPhone Simulator has an empty Photo DB.
I cannot find a way to restore, even re-installing the simulator.
But…. If you have a jailbroken iPhone (or iPod Touch, of curse) you can do it.

Follow the steps:

  1. Identify you iPhone ip address in your local network, usually
  2. Open a terminal in your mac and go to the following directory:
    cd /Users/<UserName>/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/User/Media
    Change UserName in your default user.
  3. Now type the following command
    scp -r root@*

Done! Have fun!!

Apple SDK: EU developer MUST wait

I applied the very first day for the iPhone SDK developer program.
Just two days ago a received the following email from Apple:

Thank you for expressing interest in the iPhone Developer Program. We have received your enrollment request. At this time, the iPhone Developer Program is only available in the US and will expand to other countries during the beta period. We will contact you again regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time.

Thank you for applying.

The most important thing for me is: “is only available in the US”.
Why Apple do not want to expand to the rest of the World ???

I bought a MacBookPro for starting developing on iPhone/iPod Touch, and now I HAVE to wait ????

It’s not fair.

Browse and watch your movies from iPod Touch

Let’s assume you have your ipod movies into the standard Movies folder in your mac.
For example, mine (the user is mauro) is located into:


Remember: change mauro into your user (ex: timmy).

Now, launch the terminal application from folder “Application” and then “Utilities”.
Execute the following commands:

 cd /Library/WebServer/Documents
 ln -s /Users/mauro/Movies movies
chmod a+rx  /Users/mauro/Movie

Now there is only one step left: find your mac ip address .

Go to your “Control Panel” and open “Sharing”.
Verify that “Web Sharing” is enabled, otherwise enable it.
When “Web Sharing” is enabled there will be something like this on the panel:

Your computer’s web site:

but remeber that it may be different.

At this, take your Touch, launch Safari and enter the URL  or your mac address.

Now you can browse your movies.

Warning: the ipod will play ONLY ipod compatible movies (mov, m4v, etc etc)