Sanyo introduces a 720p low-cost camcorder

Sanyo will ship at the end of October the VPC-HD700, a low-cost camcorder capable to record 720p video. Target price will be around 600$.

The camcorder will use the HDMI and the SDHC memory card to store videos.
It will be OSX compatible with iMovideHD and will features a remote control.

Technical specification at the Sanyo web site.

Adobe adds H264 support for Flash Player

Today Adobe release the H264 support for its Flash Player.
This codec is the one used for High Definition support and is also used by AppleTV, opening it a new world of possibility.

The new BETA release of Adobe Player, versione 9, can be downloaded from Adobe Labs.

Vista Hi-Definition issues

It looks as some Cassandra said some times ago, Vista users are experiencing issues with Hi-Definition contents.

If you try to play HD contents, what is see is not what you paid for: the content will be downscaled during the flow from your player to your monitor.
There are a lots of sources explaining what is happening, but for me the question is: who will refund my money spent for a High Level PC if I cannot enjoy HiDef contents ?

Read the full story here.