High speed casio digital camera shoots at 60 fps

I was looking for a digital camera with ability to make high definition video.

I discover a Casio camera that will be launched in March: Exilim Pro EX-F1.
There’s also a preliminary review here.

What really impressed me is its ability to take video at 720p and 1080p.
There a feature for creating high speed video: 300 fps and 600fps.

Another interesting feature is this one: the camera continuously record images
at up to 60 images per second, a maximum of 60 images can be saved in the
camera’s own buffer memory even before the shutter button is depressed.
In this way, you can be sure to take the desidered image!!
It also able to take 60fps at 6MPixel.

I also discover a review on youtube:

I can’t wait to have it!!