About Me

My name is Mauro,

I played with technology since my father bougth me a Commodore 64. It was love at first sigth!
Starting from that time, my love for new technology never descrease.

At University Of Pisa, where I graduated, I started working with Unix, Solaris and programming languages.
Since then I was introduced in the small world of the *nix SysAdmin gurus: network administration, system and email configuration, and finally… the new-born World Wide Web. At the time the only browser available was Netscape and the brand-new technology was the first release of Java!

I started working with multimedia, developing software for Macintosh, Solaris and Windows using C,C++, Java e Quicktime technologies. I also had fun with Web Site Development, creating sites with flash, java and DB integration.

My complete profile on LinkedIn.

I also enjoy kitesurfing, snowkiting and travelling.


Take a look at my Youtube videos.

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