The new anti-hackers German law

The new anti-hacker law as gone into effect few days ago: practically anyone is in possession of tools that can be used to hack a system is guilty.

More details here and here.

It means that own tools like ethereal or traffic-monitoring an put to you in serious troubles.
There are large societies of security that practically would close and leave Germany in order to live.

At this point, I’d like to place a question to the brilliant German politicians:
As we know the banks are using anti-intrusions systems in order to protect from crackers, now that these tools are illegal, how banks are suppose to defend themselves?

In Italy, where I belong it clear to all to that the medium politician does not distinguish a PC from a dishwasher, therefore this law will have been suggested from someone.
It would be interesting to succeed to understand which large society hides behind this “innovative ” law.

Author: Mauro

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