Use a domain with dial-up connection

If you wont your computer to act a web server, you must register a domain and do some little configuration. I have a dynamic ip, changed every time I connect to the net.

These are the steps needed to make it works:

1. Create a dynamic DNS service

  1. Create an account on a dynamic DNS site like
  2. Choose the name of your server, for example
  3. Download the Client, it’s available for OsX, Windows and Linux.
  4. Install it and configure with your account.
  5. Launch it.

2. Configure the Web domain

  1. Register a internet domain, if you don’t have it.
  2. Create an entry in the domain DNS management:
    http://www.yourdomain.ext CNAME dynamic.ip.address.
    for example: CNAME
  3. Set the TTL field to 300 to minimize DNS propagation time

Starting from now, if the DNS client is on, your computer will be reachable.

Author: Mauro

A tech blog

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